What is PRADO?

PRADOTM is a component-based and event-driven programming framework for developing Web applications in PHP 5. PRADO stands for PHP Rapid Application Development Object-oriented.

What does PRADO require?

The sole requirement to run PRADO-based applications is a Web server supporting PHP 5.3.0 or higher. PRADO is free. You can use it to develop either open source or commercial applications.

Quick facts about PRADO

First release: August 2004
License: revised BSD
Lines of core code: > 150,000 lines
Number of classes: > 700
Downloads: > 430,000 15/09/2013

Latest News

Prado 3.2.4 is released!

August 26, 2014

The PRADO Team is proud to announce the formal release of PRADO 3.2.4.

This release backports a number of significative bugfixes and changes from the master branch where the new, jQuery-based Prado is been developed.
This release officially introduces Wsat, an useful tool coded by DarthDaniel that can help out generating Active Record classes.

This release should be an easy plug-in update from previous 3.2.x Prado versions, without any backwards-compatibility issue; anyway, if you find any problem feel free  to report it, and we'll take care of sorting it out.

Finally, some words on the current development.
We have some new members helping out the development: welcome in Daniel and David! Many thanks goes to them and also to all the others that have reported issues and fixes on the project's github pages.


The PRADO Team

PRADO 3.2.3 is released!

November 26, 2013

The PRADO Team is proud to announce the formal release of PRADO 3.2.3.

Even being a patch release, it packs some important changes.
First, it's the first release since the move to github: the revision numbering scheme is different, using git's hashes instead of subversion's number; the download location has changed aswell.

longest page

Second, the long-awaited patch by javalizard adding even priorities, class and object behaviors, dynamic events and global events has been merged. To start experimenting it, have a look at TComponent's documentation.

Third, all the most recent bugfixes and improvements have been included, and a new THtmlArea4 component, based on TinyMCE4, has been added.
Server management panel by Plesk

As usual we encourage you to report any problem with this release, we'll take care of them.

A last word on the work that's currently going on in the "jquery" branch on github. As the name suggests, a new PRADO version based on the jQuery js framework in the works, and it currently looks quite good even if it's not completed yet.
This will be the base for the next 3.4 version that, due to the javascript framework switch, will inevitably bring some backward-incompatible change. You don't have to worry too much anyway, since any important fix will be backported to the 3.2 version too.


The PRADO Team

WSAT beta is released!

November 25, 2013

The PRADO Team is proud to announce the first beta release of WSAT.

Wsat is inspired in both Asp.Net - Web Site Administration Tool(WSAT) and Yii's Gii.
Wsat enables you to generate code saving your time in too many tedious tasks in a GUI fashion.

Current options available in this release:
1- Generate one or all Active Record Classes from your DataBase.
    1.1- Automatically generate all relations between the AR Classes (new).
    1.2- Automatically generate the __toString() magic method in a smart way (new).

To use it just add a service in your app configuration file as following:
<service id="wsat" class="System.Wsat.TWsatService" Password="my_secret_password" />

and then visit:

You can download a Prado version with jquery and the last Wsat release from github wsat branch.
All bug reports and recommendations are welcome!

Enjoy it!
The PRADO Team